Robert Kraft’s Foundation to Combat Antisemitism Launches Nationwide Campaign in Response to Rising Hate on College Campuses

The campaign started today, with a message from founder, Robert Kraft, in major publications across the country.  

Foxborough, Mass. – Today, the Foundation to Combat Antisemitism launched its newest advertising campaign in response to the rise in Jewish hate and all hate fueled by protests happening on college campuses across the country. The campaign began with a letter from founder, Robert Kraft, appearing in newspapers in all major markets across the United States beginning today, including Washington D.C., New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, Miami, and Boston, imploring college and university leaders and faculty to act with courage in holding students accountable for their actions and enforcing the codes of conduct on their campuses.   


Since October 7, Jewish hate has continued to explode on college and university campuses, resulting in Jewish students feeling unsafe and under attack in the spaces they are meant to feel most safe and free. According to the American Jewish Committee, almost 80% of Jewish Americans feel less safe and almost 50% have changed their behavior by avoiding Jewish identifiers, avoiding certain places or events, and avoiding posting Jewish content on social media. As a result, FCAS’ Command Center has also seen a 2000% increase in conversation surrounding Jewish hate online in the last six months.   

This new advertisement is part of a larger campaign rolling out throughout May, American Jewish Heritage Month, which will also feature billboards, social media content, and a powerful new television spot beginning next week.   

This continued mission falls under FCAS’ Blue Square campaign, which seeks to build empathy and call on people around the world to wear and share the Blue Square as a symbol of standing up to Jewish hate and all hate. Since its launch one year ago, the Blue Square campaign has become a universal symbol representing this anti-hate mission and symbolizes the need to constantly stand up for others.