To win the hearts and minds of non-Jews and Jews through powerful positive messaging and partnerships, motivating and equipping them to be defenders of and upstanders for Jews and Israel.

Our Founder

Robert Kraft has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to social equality and support for vulnerable populations. Through his lifetime giving in excess of over a half billion dollars, Kraft has sought to help provide equal footing, equal access to opportunities and equal respect for all people, especially those who are disadvantaged, overlooked or oppressed.

When he was awarded the Genesis Prize in June 2019, Kraft announced the Foundation to Combat Anti-Semitism. Through his own $20 million investment and the generous donations of others, Kraft’s vision is to stand up against racist and violent rhetoric aimed at the Jewish people through the most easily accessible and most powerful avenue of information in the world today: social media.

In combating the scourge of antisemitism, my solemn ambition is to counter all forms of intolerance in the spirit of the ancient Jewish value of tikkun olam – to heal and repair the world.