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The escalation of antisemitic rhetoric in public forums has triggered serious concerns, necessitating a focused effort to stop these troubling trends. The Foundation to Combat Antisemitism (FCAS) is devoted to reshaping the perspectives of both non-Jews and Jews through compelling positive messaging and collaborative efforts, empowering them to challenge antisemitism. 

Our weekly newsletter, “From the Command Center,” embodies this commitment by offering relevant insights on incidents occurring in the USA and around the world, aligning with our mission of fostering active opposition to antisemitic actions. By scrutinizing topics such as Holocaust denial, racial hate incidents, and societal responses to antisemitism, the newsletter serves as both a source of understanding and a call to action.

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From the Command Center June 7 - June 14

Topics: "Day of Rage" Turns Antisemitic, Neo-Nazis March in South Dakota, Anne Frank's 95th Birthday Commemorated Online, #StandUp Spotlight: Rockville Community United to #BREAKtheHATE, New Report on American Jewish Opinion

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Our Command Center technology allows access to over 300 million online data sources including public social media, traditional media, websites, blogs, forums, and more. Over 15 billion pieces of content are added each month, with access to 1.5+ trillion historical data points from the past decade. 

We leverage this access to monitor trends in conversations about antisemitic language and incidents, the climate on college and university campuses across America, upstanders who advocate on behalf of the Jewish community and positive moments in Jewish culture. Our team uses advanced artificial intelligence to quickly analyze this data to develop actionable insights that impact our work and that are shared with key partners in the fight against antisemitism.

The Command Center initiative reflects FCAS’s core mission of combating antisemitism and promoting tolerance, acting as a catalyst for informed engagement and collective action against hatred and bigotry. Additionally, FCAS brings focus to its mission with the #StandUpToJewishHate campaign, which has made an impact across social media and beyond. Show your support by learning How to Post the Blue Square today.

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