Our Work

Our Four Areas of Focus


Raise awareness of and respond to antisemitism by developing a world class command center that uses advanced technology to monitor conversations related to antisemitism.


Engage individuals through mass media channels to build familiarity, empathy and understanding toward Jews.

Rebuild and Celebrate Jewish Identity

Rebuild and Celebrate Jewish Identity by partnering with initiatives focused on Jewish audiences and amplifying personal stories.

Familiarize people with Israel

Familiarize people with Israel by sharing personal stories of people in Israel.

Command Center

Our Command Center technology allows access to over 300 million online data sources including public social media, traditional media, websites, blogs, forums, and more. Over 15 billion pieces of content are added each month, with access to 1.5+ trillion historical data points from the past decade. We leverage this access to monitor trends in conversations about antisemitic language and incidents, the climate on college and university campuses across America, upstanders who advocate on behalf of the Jewish community, Israel and the Middle East, and positive moments in Jewish culture. Our team uses advanced artificial intelligence to quickly analyze this data to develop actionable insights that impact our work and that are shared with key partners in the fight against antisemitism.

Together Beat Hate

Launched in August 2020, [tbh] is an initiative of the Foundation to Combat Antisemitism. The [tbh] movement centers on a belief that an effective way to overcome antisemitism is to build bridges between people and communities through direct engagement and compassionate, impactful education. This requires each of us to listen intentionally to perspectives that differ from our own and create spaces for uncomfortable conversations in the spirit of building connection and understanding.


To learn more, visit TogetherBeatHate.org or follow our social media:

Genesis Prize Regifting

When Robert Kraft received the $1 million Genesis Prize in 2019, he chose to regift the funding to impactful organizations who are fighting antisemitism. In December 2021, the Genesis Prize Foundation completed funding of its two-year regifting program to 23 nonprofits working in Israel, North and South America, Europe, FSU, UAE, and Africa. Through this program, 11 million people were reached and engaged in the fight against antisemitism.

The following organizations received funding through this program:

“In light of changing global realities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Innovation Online Virtual Tour broadens our impact locally. Thanks to Robert Kraft, we were able to reach a new untapped global audience which did not have the opportunity for meaningful and positive interaction with Israel.”
“We thank Robert Kraft and the Genesis Prize for recognizing our mission of inspiring Jewish pride, strengthening the bond between Israel and the Diaspora, and - our main goal - speaking out for Israel”.

Final Whistle on Hate

In the wake of rising antisemitism, the New England Revolution and Chelsea FC joined forces in 2019 to leverage the power of sports to help combat antisemitism internationally. The initial idea for a joint match was to raise awareness and philanthropic funds under the banner “Final Whistle on Hate”. Over the course of several months, the two clubs teamed up on a number of initiatives, with the partnership culminating in a soccer match at Gillette Stadium on May 15, 2019. Through donations and match proceeds, “Final Whistle on Hate” raised more than $4 million. Donations of varying amounts have been distributed to 17 different organizations dedicated to combating antisemitism and discrimination with individual grants as high as $500,000.